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Budgie 10.3.1
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The roadmap below is subject to change and not indicative of all the changes that may occur in the respective release.

Budgie 11
Q2 2017

  • Richer UI
  • Animations


  • Budgie 11 needs to be completely accessible.
  • Current popovers break a11y, ensure all components are reusable and ATK registered

Modular architecture

  • All components being split up for Budgie 11
  • Raven = standalone, Panel = standalone, etc.


  • All Widgets provided by Factory plugins.
  • Raven and Panel will use separate, versioned trees:
    • $(libdir)/budgie-panel/11.0/plugins
    • $(libdir)/raven/11.0/plugins
  • Individual plugins to be namespaced within each root:
    • $(libdir)/budgie-panel/11.0/plugins/budgie-menu/*.so
    • $(libdir)/budgie-panel/11.0/plugins/budgie-menu/*.plugin


  • Return to Widgets & Notifications only
  • Move Settings out completely
  • Resizable
  • Switch to drawer mode - i.e. overlap panels
  • Moving to out-of-process
  • Should support Widgets like:
    • RSS
    • Weather


  • Multi-monitor
  • Panel per monitor
  • Drag reordering of widgets, with highlighting + animations.
  • Method to lockdown a panel.
  • Panels permitted on any edge.
  • Ensure panel never blocks window dragging between vertically arranged monitors.
  • Autohide abilities (“intellihide”)
  • Variable width panels
  • Dock style mode for custom CSS class. Allow custom styling (or background occlusion) for dock mode Budgie panel.
  • Learn about newly installed Widgets dynamically


  • Arc Styling will move back into the arc-gtk-theme repo
  • 11 Styling to be different ?
  • Add a new “budgie-widget-factory” to budgie-core that can be run from git to facilitate simpler theme development.

Widget Changes

  • Sound Widget to merge into Panel Widget, and converted into optional Raven Widget


  • Richer notifications (Actionable)
  • Don’t die with Rhythmbox. kthxbai.
  • Group the notifications by application
  • Raven needs a “Quiet Mode” (do not disturb)
  • Groups have a “last time”, sort by this.
  • Dismiss on group basis too.


  • Removed from Raven, need a new method in which to control these
  • “budgie-settings”
  • Replace GCC completely, even with the system control components
  • Use Windowed Mode for 11


  • Raven Applets to be known as “Raven Widgets”
  • Budgie Panel Applets = “Panel Widgets”