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Solus provides the flagship Budgie experience.

Budgie 10.3.1
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Focused on simplicity and elegance. Designed with the modern user in mind.

Latest Release: 10.3.1

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Release Of Budgie 10.3
Joshua Strobl on April 19, 2017
We’re happy to announce the release of Budgie 10.3. Budgie 10.3 is the last incarnation of the 10.x series, with only minor updates to the 10.3 releases being planned, and opening the door for development of the Qt 5-based Budgie 11. Alt+Tab Budgie 10.3 features our new Alt+Tab implementation, eliminating previous issues with our alt+tab and enabling a faster, prettier, and more reliable window switching experience. This implementation is thanks to a significant community contribution, done during our first implementation competition that provided a monetary award of 500 EUR, and further improvements done to the user interface of it.
Kicking Off Budgie 11
Ikey Doherty on January 25, 2017
With the Budgie website now up and running, let us turn our focus to the development of Budgie 11 itself. It’s no secret that we’ve been very busy over in Solus land, focusing on the base layers of the operating system. We did also promise we’d be kicking off the year with a focus on the next major release in the Budgie Desktop project, with version 11. However, we’ve also thought long and hard about exactly what we want Budgie 11 to be, how it looks, and how we want to deliver the best experience to our users.
Welcome To The New Budgie Website
Joshua Strobl on January 20, 2017
Welcome to the new Budgie website. Still in its early days, this website serves to represent the Budgie Desktop project, its development, and its community. It will serve to inform the public on the latest news regarding this project and is planned to provide comprehensive developer-oriented documentation, enabling people around the world to contribute to the Budgie Desktop project and help to foster a rich and vibrant community. This website also serves to represent the future of the Budgie Desktop project with a Roadmap providing details and thoughts on the direction and plans of the project.